Financial Advisory


  • Creditable expertise in advising for debt raising and structured finance solutions.
  • Long standing relationship with reputed financial institution (FIs) including Banks / NBFCs.
  • Assistance in arranging various forms of debts at competitive rates from our network of FIs.
  • Thorough understanding of debt syndication process and lending norms of various FIs.
  • Complete handholding / assistance at each step of deal execution.
  • Raised Debt of more than INR5.0Bn during Lockdown.

Structuring / Advisory

  • Deep knowledge and a network of relationships in the Indian corporate and financial ecosystem.
  • Expertise in business and financial planning
  • Hands on experience in working on complex transaction structuring in diverse sectors.
  • Viable solutions on debt restructuring, one-time settlements and interim finance.
  • Complete handholding on M&A / buyouts, Sale of Business transactions from identification stage till deal execution.
  • Complete advisory on distress assets / portfolio sale on mutually agreeable terms.

Advisors to Founders

Advisors to Founders

  • Advisor to Founders to keep the Start-up ready for fund raise.
  • Overall structuring of the Start-up including legal entity, capit al structure, profile of founding team and business plan
  • Preparing Pitch Deck, Business & Financial Plans
  • Single co-ordination point for all requirements of potential investors and lenders
  • Negotiating term sheets and agreements with potential investors on behalf of Founders
  • Regulatory Advisory with specialization in matters related to RBI
  • Support in reaching out to investors

Regulatory Advisory

Compliance SetUp

  • New NBFC Registration: Comprehensive solution for registration of new NBFC with Reserve Bank of India (RBI); indicative timeline 120 days.
  • NBFC Takeover: Complete guidance for takeover through Change in Control/Management route; indicative timeline 150 days.
  • Additional certifications and other licensing requirements from regulators including IRDAI, SEBI and AMFI.
  • Help in formulating Off the shelf regulatory set-up & compliance management framework.


  • To act as your FDI Agent – Comprehensive solution for application of approval for FDI in India through Government/Approval Route; indicative timeline 8 to 10 weeks.
  • To act as your Financial Advisor – Facilitate in identifying the possible investment opportunities in India, as per norms.
  • Adherence to allied regulatory requirements including FEMA Compliance, Reporting to RBI, necessary certification compliance etc.
  • On-going governance, regulatory return submission, certifications and other licensing requirements from regulators (Monthly, Half-Yearly, Annual Submission).

NBFC Collaboration


  • NBFC both listed and unlisted available for collaboration with Fintech.
  • Expertise in Identifying compatible & fully compliant NBFC and connecting it with Fintech for mutually agreeable partnership.
  • Preparation and execution of Service Agreement between NBFC & Fintech.
  • Finalization of revenue sharing model including flow of funds.
  • Assistance on Banking services integration such as Escrow / Nodal accounts for Fintech.